A Personal History

In 1958 Jerry Friedman, a young man, an army veteran, and starting a family, needed a way to provide for a family. Building pools became such a way, and evolved into pool renovations, Installation and replacing vinyl liners.

An innovator, he explored many creative procedures relevant to construction of in ground pools, above ground pools, and liner installation. He filed patents on tools and materials relevant to the company's procedures with some working, and some being so far out they didn't work, but always, the intent was to deliver the highest quality product in a reasonable and economic time frame. His history of varied approaches to construction would come together when he narrowed his companies focus to renovating and installing in ground and above ground vinyl liners.

In 1969 his son David began working with his father at the age of 8. The school year would end, and it was time for Dave to go to work.

Many can claim having learned a business from the ground up, but few can lay claim to having learned the business from " below the ground - up." Dave learned what a shovel was, as well as the structural requirements to build a pool, before he was 18.

Jerry expected much, and insured that his son was exposed to every aspect of the business - sales, construction, labor, purchasing, experimentation, the desire to innovate, and most of all, " to honor one's commitments."

By the time David entered Rutgers University Engineering he had 10 years of practical experience.

Improving upon his fathers methods, as well as developing new ways, Dave took over the business in 1982 proceeding to build a company in a way he felt necessary to compete progressively, and it is such a vision that has brought the company to what it is today.

So, when you choose Mid State pool Liners you have:

Decades of experience that can repair or rebuild pools of any construction, including aluminum, steel, polymer, concrete and wood.

Four to five work crews with a total of 20+ employees.

A fleet of vehicles for pick up and delivery to job sites as necessary.

The ability to save pool water. A procedure with an overhead involving multiple high volume gas pumps transferring pool water to 6000 gal retaining pools and back again upon liner installation.

One day (depending upon complexity) replacement or installation of skimmers, main drains, returns, dry wells, chlorine generators, sand or DE filters, as well as Installation or replacement of new stairs, hand rails and ladders on concrete, paver or wooden decks.

Materials of the highest quality, and in cases of unusual or extraordinary renovations, use of materials that equal or exceed minimum construction requirements, including materials fabricated to custom specifications.

Crews that are provided with appropriate tools to expedite the completion of a job - some tools commercial, and some invented.

Employees that have advanced through through the ranks, resulting with crew chiefs and crews that have developed a working knowledge and efficiency through the years.

At Mid State Pool Liners we are confident and proud of our abilities to successfully arrive at solutions to the various problems that can occur to a pool over the years of enjoyment.