Designer swimming pool liners have a way of transforming a pool into a work of art. Whether you’d like to update the look of your current in-ground pool, or enhance the beauty of a new pool, your choice of liner can end up being the spectacular centerpiece of your backyard environment. So what styles are trending in 2020?

Hottest Pool Liner Options in 2020

Dark/Light Pool Liners
While a classic, deep blue liner is always a fan favorite, this year we’re seeing more and more people diverge from the norm, opting for unique pool liner colors on the darker and lighter ends of the color spectrum. Dark grey and deep navy liners are on trend, along with sandy beige and light blues.

Borderless Patterns
No interest in classic styles or typical tile design? No problem! Your floor pattern can extend all the way up the sidewall to meet the coping or deck. The choices are endless!

Thicker Material
These days, pool owners are opting for thicker pool liner options in the 28-30 mil range, finding they’re better at resisting tears and rips more effectively. As you shop around, you’ll notice that liners are measured in both mils and gauges. Both can be misleading, so it’s important to ask for the precise measurements, in mils, of both the floor and walls of the liner before you make your purchase.

Textured Patterns
Elevate your pool with the illusion of motion. You can touch and feel the difference in this year’s fully textured and embossed liners infused with iridescent inks that glitter and sparkle.

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