Vinyl pool liners serve as the barrier between your pool and the ground, keeping the water contained and preventing a pool leak. But if you see bubbles or wrinkles in the liner, this could be a sign of a serious problem.

Signs you Need Vinyl Pool Liner Repair

Bubbles in the liner are frequently caused by rising groundwater that seeps underneath the pool and pushes up on the liner. This usually occurs following rainy or wet periods that cause the groundwater to rapidly rise. In extreme cases, the welled-up water may cause wrinkling, causing the liner to float.

Here are some signs you may need vinyl pool liner repair.

  • When the groundwater retreats, the bubbles should disappear. If there’s water under pool liner areas, those bubbles will stick around, you’re dealing with a faulty liner.
  • Improper water balance can also cause bubbles. A pool leak will act in much the same way as rising groundwater, pushing up under the bottom of the liner. Improper water balance can cause wrinkles in the liner that appear as bubbles at the bottom.
  • Other causes include:
    • Improper installation
    • The wrong size vinyl liner for the pool
    • Low water levels that allow the liner to move and create a pool leak
    • Excess suction from the pool skimmer or vacuum
    • Large patches of algae under the liner that eventually stain the surface

Keep in mind  air bubbles that settle on top of the liner are a normal part of pool operation and usually occur when the pool is being filled. You’ll notice they’ll go away once the water settles.

Water Under Pool Liner? Call a Professional

The good news is that manufacturers have successfully made improvements to the design of vinyl liner pools over the years. As a result, the walls and all the extra fixtures are attached with a stronger and tighter fit. If you’re noticing these bubbles or wrinkles, contact your local vinyl pool liner repair company and get back in the swim!