For pool enthusiasts, the swim season tends to end a bit too soon, especially in areas with colder climates. With the right setup and preparation, you can easily extend the pool season by a couple of weeks or even months. Check out the products that can help.

Inground Pool Heaters

Gas heaters are the most effective way to heat your pool and extend the swimming season. They work by using natural gas or propane to heat water before it enters your pool. One of the best things about gas pool heating systems, whether propane or natural gas, is that they work in all environments and require little preparation.

Heat pumps are a great alternative to gas heaters. Although they have a higher upfront cost, they will save you a good amount of money throughout the life of the pump. Heat pumps utilize and extract the heat from outside and transfer it inside. Because heat pumps transfer heat as opposed to generating it, it makes it more energy-efficient.

Pool Enclosures

You can extend the season a bit more with the addition of a completely enclosed pool enclosure, or couple an open-air enclosure with a pool heating system. A great feature of enclosures is that, along with extending the swimming season, they protect the swimming pool from dust and debris. They also protect your pool from rain, which can affect your pool’s pH balance.

Outdoor Pool Lights

When the sun goes down earlier, it’s a great investment to install dynamic, energy-efficient outdoor pool lights. Mid State Pool Liners carries different types of lighting for inside your pool and your pool area. Pool lighting can enhance your experience with a soothing, enjoyable ambiance. No matter what style you’re trying to achieve, our selection of energy-efficient LED lights in white and color will exceed your expectations.

Before you begin the process of closing your pool, consider extending the season with these suggestions. And as always, Mid State Pool Liners has the advice and equipment you need!