If you’re thinking about renovating your pool, one of the best places to start is with some inground pool liner ideas. Providing beauty from the inside out, vinyl pool liners are the building block that will establish the concept and mood of swimming experience for many seasons to come. And best of all, the options are boundless.

Your personal preferences and the materials used will play a big role in selecting the best swimming pool liner for your inground pool. The vinyl pool liner is one of the most common and economical choices because they’re simple to clean and maintain. Here are a few things to consider when choosing yours.

Make choosing a liner simple by deciding what you want the water color to look like. Going with a classic deep blue can emulate the ocean with mesmerizing depth and beauty. For a more rustic natural tone, choose one with the natural earth tone color of desert sands denoting resilience and steadiness.

When you’re considering inground pool liner ideas, you can go for a custom pattern to make your swimming pool one in a million. Mosaic is always a crowd-pleaser, appearing like a wall of handcrafted artistry. Opt for the varying gray tones of tumbled rocks for a beautiful contrast to the blue water.

Sophisticated, yet understated, a multifaceted border pattern can be the perfect highlight. Whether it’s a bold chevron or a geometric blend of hexagons and diamonds, you have a lot of choices for a dramatic effect. We also offer several borderless patterns as well as the option to remove the border on any pattern.

Textured material for your pool steps is an essential. If you choose PVC pool steps, for instance, you’re getting an option that’s constructed to withstand the elements, provide safe passage in and out of the pool, and also look beautiful.

Yes, you also have options when it comes to the thickness of your vinyl pool liner. Many professional builders actually prefer 20 mil liners, which help protect against abrasive pool surfaces and provide additional puncture protection. Normally liners don’t fail due to either issue, but in some cases thickness can be an added benefit, for example those who have pets or children that can more easily cause tears.

Luckily for you, Mid State Pool Liners offers the largest selection of inground pool liners available in the region. Check out our gallery to see more inground pool liner ideas. Our team of experts is happy to walk you through all the options to ensure you find one that matches your personal style and creates an atmosphere you’ll love.