If you own a swimming pool and have well water on your property, you face unique challenges. When it comes to pools and well water, ground minerals and trace metals like magnesium, calcium, and iron can cause serious problems. The hard water created by magnesium and calcium can cause pipes and filters to clog, and the presence of iron and manganese can cause very harmful bacteria to grow.
The good news is, a professional pool company like Mid State Pool Liners can help.

What to Consider When Filling a Pool with Well Water

If well water is the only option you have for filling your pool, it’s best to consult with a professional. Mid State Pool Liners can guide you through the process, helping with the following considerations:

● Using direct water from the well – Properties without municipal water can quickly fill their pool from the well. It’s easy, as long as the water’s not discolored, cloudy, or stinky, or you may need a professional swimming pool water treatment after filling it.

● Well water via a softener system – You can clean the water before it reaches your pool by attaching a water softener. It’s best to regularly apply metal-out products to contain and inactivate the metal particles before they cause any issues.

● Regular testing – It’s a good idea to test your water to know exactly how you will treat it. Take a sample of the water from the well to Mid State’s experts for testing.

● Swimming pool water treatment – The right chemicals can purify the well water after you fill the pool. You may need to adjust the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine, as well as remove metals and vacuum the rust from your pool.

● Removing iron – Well water is prone to high iron levels. Pool professionals can advise you on the proper testing and removal of any present iron buildup and keep the water fresh to help maintain your pool’s cleanliness.

Filling a pool with well water seems like a simple thing—and it can be. Schedule a consultation with a pool company like Mid State and you’ll know your swimming in a healthy, clean abyss!