When it comes to the best pool liners for inground pools, the most popular type is the vinyl pool liner. Not only are vinyl liners easy to clean and maintain, they’re some of the most affordable options for pool owners.

How Long Does an Inground Vinyl Pool Last?

Vinyl pool liners can last up to a decade, especially when properly installed, maintained, and cared for on a regular basis. They also require far less maintenance than their concrete and fiberglass counterparts since vinyl is an extremely durable, nonporous surface.

When the time finally comes to replace your vinyl pool liner, you won’t have to spend a fortune or wait very long. Your best bet is to schedule your pool liner replacement or new installation early in the season to avoid the rush to enjoy your pool as soon as possible.

What are the Construction Costs?

On average, a vinyl liner pool can cost far less than fiberglass and concrete, providing yet another reason why they’re the best pool liners for inground pools. Your budget will remain intact, saving your family tens of thousands of dollars.

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