Every modern pool should feature a durable entry system. Inground pool steps make swimming safer while enhancing your pool’s beauty and comfort. If you’re looking for an elegant and safe way to upgrade your pool, it’s time to look into vinyl-over steel steps.

Steps are an essential element of pool design, flowing seamlessly into the pool’s appearance and function. While they’re typically built into the pool structure, they can be added during a renovation with our inground pool steps replacement services. Best of all, the project takes just two days from start to finish.

Why You Should Update Pool Steps with Vinyl-Over Steel

If you’re looking to update pool steps, vinyl-over steel is a design worth considering. At Mid State, our steel pool stairs are covered in vinyl, merging the strength of steel with the comfort of a vinyl liner. We use cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques, such as 14-gauge steel coated with zinc galvanization, to provide outstanding performance.

Vinyl-covered open-top steel stair systems extend the pattern of your pool’s interior finish onto your steps, creating an uninterrupted, continuous, elegant look. You’ll find many models available or you can even customize your own stair design to match your needs and your style. You can choose where you want them (along a wall, in a corner, etc.), how they look (linear or rounded), and what material they’re made of (metal or polymer).

Benefits of Vinyl-Over Steel Steps

Pools and the materials used to build these modern pool steps are not created equal. When the best materials, top-notch engineering, and innovative manufacturing technologies are used, you get a product with outstanding strength, corrosion-resistance, and durability. That means when you update your pool with this option, you’ll enjoy your new stair system for years to come.

If you’re in need of inground pool steps or replacement services, partner with the best company in Central Jersey, Mid State Pool Liners.