Thinking about getting a vinyl pool installed by next summer and wondering when to start the process? With the right information about vinyl liner inground pool construction, deciding when and how to start the process becomes much easier.

Tips for Getting a Pool Installed by Next Summer

There’s no reason to feel rushed into any decision. You need to give yourself the time to plan your vinyl liner inground pool construction to get the backyard experience you want. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: most swimming pool contractors prefer building pools in the fall (and you should, too!). Here are some reasons why:

  • The construction isn’t hampered by weather. Your yard gets stabilized before winter and you just need some touch-ups in the spring
  • Your landscaping accompaniments will have at least six months to grow in so by the time spring hits you’ll have a vibrant environment. If you wait until spring, your installation will take longer and you will be well into the summer before your grass is growing again
  • You’re likely to get a bit of a deal in the fall. Manufacturers tend to increase prices in January, so building your pool before new rates are announced puts you in a good position to save a little money

Ultimately the best time to build a pool comes down to your lifestyle. There may be a higher cost to swim sooner. But waiting may mean paying less and waiting longer to swim.

Consult With Mid State Pool Liners About Your New Pool

If you’re ready to add beauty, value and enjoyment to your property, there’s never a bad time to start considering your options for vinyl liner inground pool construction. With Mid State Pool Liners, you get a team of experts committed to the finest-quality materials and workmanship. That means you’ll have a pool that will not only change your yard—it will change your life!